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The Lighthearted Farmer is family-owned and operated. We feel it is our love, paired with our passion, combined with our knowledge, that really sets us apart! We are easy to work with, provide excellent service, and love communicating with our customers. Our mission is to create the highest quality products that present an opportunity for each individual to journey back to ease in their body, mind, and spirit. 

We source our hemp from a couple growers here in Oregon that we know and trust. This enables us to see the entire process through from seed to CBD!

We take care to use a high-quality extraction method to gather cannabinoids, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids and more from our hemp plants - all of which work together in synergy. It results in rich and effective CBD & CBG oils that can bring balance and healing to the body as a whole.

Current product lines:

Liquid Ease: CBD & CBG oils

Pet deLight: CBD for your pets

Balms: CBD topicals

We are continually working on new products!

The Lighthearted Farmer

Featured products

Ice Balm

This holistically formulated balm is designed to ease symptoms at the site and support the entire body. It is intended to soothe tension, pain and inflammation. Can also be used for headaches, rash, itching, fever and more.

CBG Liquid Ease 600mg

CBG Liquid Ease 600MG - over 1100MG of total full spectrum hemp extract! Our CBG oil comes from organically grown CBG-rich hemp in Oregon.

Salmon Oil Pet deLight 600mg

Pet deLight 600MG CBD – over 930MG of total full spectrum hemp extract! Our pet formula was specifically designed with your pet in mind.
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