Bulk FECO Oil

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)


This cannabis oil comes from organically grown CBD-rich hemp in Oregon. It is extracted using high-proof organic cane sugar alcohol, which is then distilled off, leaving a thick, rich golden oil. This oil is full of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBG, and THC. It also contains terpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and other plant acids that all work together in synergy to produce the highest quality cannabis oil. This full untampered blend of compounds gives the consumer the true intelligence and potential of the cannabis (hemp) plant. This makes it the most well-rounded and rich oil on the market today!


We use the same extraction process for the CBG as we do the CBD. The only difference is that the CBG comes from organically grown CBG-rich hemp. Most CBG on the market is isolate or distillate because it comes from early harvested CBD-rich hemp instead of CBG-rich hemp. This makes our CBG one of the only full spectrum extracts on the market today.

These products are produced in accordance with Oregon state laws. We are fully licensed, and each product has passed tests for pesticides, residual-solvents (like alcohol), consistency and homogeneity. If you are interested in buying bulk wholesale oil to blend into your own products, please reach out. Keep in mind, in order to legally sell this oil to consumers, you must dilute the product to below 0.3% THC.


  • If you are interested in retailing CBG/CBD products and are not wanting to make your own, then you may want to consider wholesaling our products. Every product on our website is available for retailing. Some of the places we currently wholesale to are: chiropractic clinics, boutique grocery stores, pet stores, etc.


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