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The Lighthearted Farmer is family-owned and operated. We feel it is our love, paired with our passion, combined with our knowledge, that really sets us apart! We are easy to work with, provide excellent service, and love communicating with our customers. Our mission is to create the highest quality products that present an opportunity for each individual to journey back to ease in their body, mind, and spirit. 

We source our hemp from our own farm along with another grower here in Oregon that we know and trust. This enables us to see the entire process through from seed to CBD!

We take care to use a high-quality extraction method to gather cannabinoids, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids and more from our hemp plants - all of which work together in synergy. The result is a rich and effective CBD oil that can bring balance and healing to the body as a whole. Liquid Ease is created by blending the pure CBD oil with organic hemp seed oil and a few drops of organic essential oil. Each bottle of Liquid Ease is tested and labeled with detailed cannabinoid content, making it safe for all to use.

Joining our Liquid Ease lineup is our Pet deLight for your cat or dog, along with our herbal balms that inlcude Earth, Fire, and Ice for your topical CBD needs! Each balm is holistically formulated by our very own herbalist, Maia. She has poured her love and knowledge into each formula that is designed to not only ease symptoms at the afffected site but also provide support for the entire body.

The Lighthearted Farmer

Customer Service: Please call us at 833-755-1133 or email us at

Featured products

Balm 3 Pack

This pack brings you the intelligence of the Earth, Fire, and Ice Balms!

600mg CBG Liquid Ease

CBG is the exciting precursor to CBD! It has a wonderful mildly stimulating effect. Have you had a negative CBD experience? Does CBD make you feel too drowsy or groggy? Then CBG may be the answer for you!

CBG & CBD 600mg/600mg

This CBG and CBD blend is the perfect choice! It pairs the wonderful benefits of CBD with the equally as amazing benefits of CBG. Together, this may be the most balanced and effective product we have!
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