Who We Are

The Lighthearted Farmer:

We are a family owned and operated business based in Oregon. With agricultural roots, our passion starts with Mother Earth. Our vision for humanity is to work in harmony with the Earth and with each other. The Lighthearted Farmer was created to ensure that individuals who wanted this connection to earth and to vitality, would be able to access the highest quality herbal and mushroom medicines. We are committed to offering great personable customer service, vibrant natural remedies, and integral, insightful information. It is our mission to care for our customers as family. We are passion-driven, instead of profit oriented. We are here for the long game, focused on a sustainable future rather than hopping on a new trend.


Jerrik Keller:

Jerrik is a Co-Owner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the namesake of our company. He provides an insightful perspective on agriculture, cannabis, medicine, and what it means to be human. He enjoys one-on-one conversations with customers, discovering through first-hand experience, and laughing. Jerrik values integral relationships, open hearts and minds, and the golden light of a late afternoon sun.


Alexa Keller:

Alexa is a Co-Owner, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and overall glue that holds The Lighthearted Farmer together. In addition, she is the sister of Jerrik. The list of what she doesn’t do is far shorter than the list of what she does do. Her love for her Bengal cat, Athena, knows no bounds and inspired her to help create our pet products. She is a wonderful hostess, a beautiful woman, and an extremely loyal friend.