The Lighthearted Farmer

Who We Are

The Lighthearted Farmer Family


The Lighthearted Farmer was born from the Light of our hearts. We realized that by following what lights us up, it created an opportunity for our dreams to become a reality. Our dream is to live in a sustainable world filled with ease, harmony and joy. When we live the life of our dreams, we honor the intelligence of all that we are. We begin to understand that all that we are is connected to all that is. We are one. This light that is undeniably within us all creates the whole. Every living being shines this light in their individual way. Wholeness is the experience of ease and ease is the natural state of the human.


The natural state of humanity is vibrant and easeful, and this contrasts to the separate and diseased experience that many people currently have. Living separate is treating each symptom in life as being disconnected from the whole. Dis-ease is the experience of disconnection. Typically, modern medicine is produced from isolating specific active ingredients to treat very specific symptoms in the body. This means that the medicine is being produced from the same separate perspective that the disease arises from. Though this works in some circumstances, you are not being treated as a whole. How can total ease/wholeness come from disease/separation? The path of healing is one of ease and everything that is required for healing is contained within us. When the body heals – becomes whole – everything heals because all is connected.

All in All:

So we return to nature, to our hearts, to our excitement. Nature – the trees, plants, fungi – thrives by being together, as do we. Consuming the medicine from nature reminds us of our own whole and easeful nature. What nourishes us also heals us. We believe that being easeful heals us. Being ourselves is healing in and of itself, so we will let our own unique light shine. We will dream our dream of harmony and joy. We will be lighthearted because we are The Lighthearted Farmer.